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ezBriefs was developed to help law firms and their lawyers improve efficiencies, reduce costs, and enhance outcomes for their clients. ezBriefs utilizes a comprehensive case law database in concert with our developed technologies to offer a unique solution to the burdensome process of building Tables of Authorities.  

ezBriefs addresses one of the most cumbersome, frustrating task associated with the briefing process, which is building a Table of Authorities.

ezBriefs automates these mundane tasks. In fact, with ezBriefs, you can build a Table of Authorities in seconds. Once you have selected your Rules of Authority, saved your formatting preferences, and fixed any improperly formatted cites, you can generate a Table of Authorities with the click of a button. 

Our mission is to provide solutions that are simple to understand, easier to use, and less expensive than our high-priced counterparts. ezBriefs is the most comprehensive technologically advanced solution of its kind on the market.

ezBriefs allows you to spend more time doing high value work related to winning cases instead of spending that time doing the tedious, monotonous task that could be expedited using our technology.

Let us show you how!

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