Automated Legal Brief Review Tools: Affects New Law School Grads

Legal Brief Review Tool

Recent arrivals to the legal industry may not be prepared for the extent to which automation technologies are used in modern law offices. For some law school graduates, working with an automated legal brief review tool may be a brand-new experience. Understanding the role that technology currently plays and is expected to play in the future will help newcomers to the law profession adjust after graduating from law school. Here are some of the most important ways in which automation is affecting case management in the legal profession.

Faster Research

In 1980, the introduction of the LEXIS electronic database of legal cases revolutionized the way lawyers approached their research tasks. By making it possible to search caselaw and precedents in all 50 states, LEXIS significantly reduced the time needed to find the appropriate and relevant cases. The use of a legal brief management tool can streamline the process even further by using artificial intelligence to determine relevant cases to the specific matter being researched.

Improved Collaboration

Automated processes make it much easier to collaborate with other members of your legal team. Working with a legal brief collaboration tool will make it much easier for new graduates to assimilate into the flow of cases within their law firm. These tools will keep all members of the legal team in close communication throughout the research phase of the case. Collaboration will also promote the best management of tasks at all stages of the legal process.

Enhanced Storage

The e-discovery process can generate a wealth of documents that must be sorted, filed and stored. Automated systems can streamline these tasks to make it much simpler to store and retrieve necessary materials. Subject tags, titles and text are all searchable to allow the quick and easy retrieval of specific documents needed on short notice. Centralized databases will typically reduce the amount of paperwork needed to maintain necessary records. This database will also cut down on physical storage space requirements for the law office.

Advanced Features

Finding the right legal brief review tool can be challenging. Some of the most useful features of these systems include automatic hyperlinking, side-by-side viewing of documents, batch printing and direct exporting. These features are ideally suited to provide support for your legal firm’s processes.

The ezBriefs legal brief review tool offers full functionality and advanced features that can help established attorneys and newcomers to the legal field achieve their goals more efficiently. Our comprehensive approach to legal case management and automation makes ezBriefs by Benchly the perfect choice for your legal cases. To learn more, email us at [email protected] We look forward to the opportunity to work with you.