Choosing the Right Legal Brief Management Tools

Legal Brief Automation

The right legal brief automation tool will help you to achieve greater productivity in your law office. Knowing what features are most important when selecting a legal brief management tool will provide added insights into the correct choice for your practice. Understanding the basics of legal brief management tools will assist you in your selection process.

Functions of Legal Document Management Systems

Legal brief automation and management tools incorporate a number of common functions, which typically include some or all of the following:

• Storage for documents that may include emails, PDFs, spreadsheets and word processing files
• The ability to search these documents by title or contents to find the right one more quickly
• Tiered access for your legal team that can be configured to allocate access on a need-to-know basis
• Tracking for changes to documents by user and date
• Creation of a table of authorities that can be edited quickly and efficiently as needed
• List of all cases cited in a particular brief and resolution of errors in reporter titles, volumes and citing information for your brief

Deletion controls and indexing features are also valuable additions to your legal brief management tool set.

Automation for Faster Processing

Automating correspondence and documentation for tasks will save time and effort, allowing your legal team to focus on core activities for your practice. Legal brief automation will allow you to complete forms, briefs and initial contact information more quickly and easily for storage and later printing. This will streamline the entire process of collecting, storing and adapting information for use in your legal activities.

The Value of the Right Legal Brief Review Tool

An advanced legal brief review tool will also provide assistance in locating and incorporating case law authorities and citations for your briefs, pleadings and motions. By integrating these legal brief automation tools into your everyday workflows, your law firm can organize and manage your caseload more effectively. These tools will catch errors in your case briefs and will provide you with the most efficient process for all your legal needs.

The ezBriefs system offers real help for law firms in managing their cases more efficiently. This legal brief automation system incorporates the most-wanted tools for legal case management, including finding, printing, annotating and secure transfer of documents for the fastest and easiest completion of annotated and cited case briefs. Powered by Benchly, ezBriefs delivers the right solutions for your law firm’s needs. Contact us today at [email protected] to discuss your needs with our team. We look forward to the chance to work with you.