Legal Document Automation on the Rise for Efficient Assembly

Legal Brief Automation

Streamlining the legal processes of your law firm can save you time and effort while increasing your potential for profitability in your field of practice. Legal brief automation systems can offer help in managing digital documents and providing clear tracking and record-keeping. Finding the right legal brief review tool will help your team to achieve the best results for your clients.

Reducing the Paper Trail

Managing the mountains of paperwork involved in a typical legal case is a real challenge. Modern technologies provide added help for law firms by reducing their dependence on paper and streamlining their workflows for greater productivity. Automation systems for reviewing and annotating legal briefs offer a number of important features. These features significantly cut down the time needed to create legal documents and briefs for your pleadings.

Essential Features for Legal Brief Automation Systems

The right features can make your legal brief management tool much more useful for your staff members. Some of the most important features to look for include the following:

• The ability to batch print allows you to manage your printing requirements quickly and efficiently.
• Side-by-side viewing will often provide added perspective and increased proofing capabilities for your staff members. This can also enhance workflows and allow clear focus on your digital documents and briefs.
• Direct export capabilities move documents easily to and from Excel or other programs.
• Automatic and custom hyperlinking functions provide added convenience for completing briefs and making connections between documents, evidence and exhibits. Legal brief review tools are designed to work with link resolvers to ensure accurate hyperlinks and control is available for your legal team.
• Advanced legal brief automation tools often include the ability to verify citations and to identify improperly cited cases. This can help you avoid embarrassing mistakes in and out of court.
• A brief automation system allows you to save individual PDFs or to create collections of these PDF documents. This allows the greatest degree of flexibility when automating your brief creation system.

Choosing the right legal brief automation tool will help your law firm achieve more in less time than ever before.

ezBriefs: Legal Brief Automation Tool

The ezBriefs system offers the latest in legal brief automation to help you streamline workflows and manage caseload in the most efficient way. Powered by Benchly, ezBriefs offers all of the most-wanted features and functionality for your legal team. Visit us online to learn more about how ezBriefs can revolutionize your workflows and help your law firm achieve its full potential in the competitive marketplace.