Reducing Administrative Tasks with Legal Brief Automation Tools

Legal Brief Automation

Managing the workload of your administrative staff is essential to maintain productivity in your law office. Legal brief automation software is a practical way to cut down on the time needed to manage routine office activities and to keep your law practice focused on serving clients efficiently. Here are some of the most important ways in which a legal brief collaboration tool or service will help your law office to operate more efficiently.

Reduced Errors in Citations

Companies that offer legal brief automation services provide expert solutions for determining whether citations are correct and complete for legal briefs. This will take much of the drudgery and grind out of the work your paralegals and administrative staff members must do each week. By outsourcing the process of citation checking to an experienced outside company, your law firm can ensure the best possible use of your staff time and effort.

Automated Hyperlinks

Tools that automatically insert hyperlinks into documents offer real time savings and reduce the work your staff members must do for your case briefs. This will provide you with added confidence in the hyperlinked materials and increased time to focus on the core activities of your law office.

Faster Processing

Automated processes will speed the overall flow of work through your law firm and will allow you to take on more cases in an effective and efficient way. Outsourcing the automation process is a solid way to promote the best use of your available staff hours and to improve morale among your legal team.

Putting It All Together

The right brief automation tools will help you to assemble your case briefs more quickly and with fewer errors. By working with an experienced and knowledgeable company, your practice can achieve higher productivity while putting your staff hours to the best possible use in your field of the law.

The ezBriefs system of legal brief automation is an ideal choice for streamlining administrative aspects of your legal practice. Powered by Benchly and trusted by law offices across the country, ezBriefs can provide you with services that include creation of Table of Authorities for your legal brief, a print-ready PDF that includes all cited cases for your brief or motion and correction of citation errors that could cost you time and effort when planning your legal activities. Email us today at [email protected] to learn more about the ezBriefs legal brief review tool and how it can help you make the most effective use of time within your legal practice.