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Based in Houston, Texas, Benchly knows the litigation needs of Texas state and local agencies.Through a comprehensive and exclusive offering to Department of Information Resources (DIR)Customers, Benchly aims to facilitate faster and simpler review of complex legal documents forTexas legal teams. Please find all relevant Contract information below as well as contact methods regarding order fulfillment and purchasing.

Benchly introduces a fresh and seamless approach to the categorically tedious review of legal documents containing cited authority and the corresponding construction of a Table of Authorities through the use of the ezBriefs Microsoft Word Add-In

Features of the ezBriefs solution include:

Automated Brief Review

High Precision Citation Validation

Automatic TOA Generation

Opposing Counsel Brief Review

Prioritized User Experience and Accessibility

DIR Contract Number:
*Please reference this when contacting Benchly for quotes or purchase orders.
Purchasing & Contract Assistance:
Haydn Jones
Cooperative Contracts:
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Warranty & Return Policy:
Benchly, Inc. Customers are not subject to substantially enhanced restrictions or pricing for products within the offered Benchly, Inc. suite of products and are afforded warranty and return policies of general market Customers utilizing products within a similar categorization.

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